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I specialize in realistic tattoos. That means anything that looks real a.k.a. "3D" tattoos. People, animals, artworks, flowers, basically anything you can photography or find photographys of, I can turn into a tattoo for you. 


All consultations are free. We can go over what you want to get, where you want the tattoo to go, price, and anything else during that consultation. I can't easily do consultations over the phone or through text messages, so its best to set up a time to swing by. Just visit my contact page here, or contact me via facebook, twitter, or instagram.  


Appointments are weekdays, sometimes weekends, anywhere from 12pm-10pm. Pretty easy here.  Non refundable deposit, yada yada you get it. 

Who is Ben Louis?!

A tattoo artist of course! 

Hey everyone, and thanks for visiting my page. I am Ben and I've been tattooing in the Midwest for almost 10 years, but now I offer my amazing tattoos to the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. I have clients in Gulfport, Biloxi, and Ocean springs, so you may have seen some of my work already, if not, check out my super sweet portfolio here. 

Midwest is a pretty broad area, so lets get that cleared up. I started tattooing in 2007 learning my skills from season 6&7  Ink Master contestant St. Marq in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mark had already been tattooing 20 years at the time, so it was a pretty fantastic experiencing learning the basics of tattooing from him, especially learning his "no outline" realism style. I ended up working with him for the first 6 or 7 years of my career before moving on to tattoo in new areas.

After a brief stint in Indianapolis and a few years in West Lafayette, Indiana, I moved to Dayton, Ohio and tattooed at Blue Byrd and Truth and Triumph. Both of these shops had so many talented people, I learned a lot from every single person I was lucky enough to work with. But I had to bail, and Mississippi was my number one option. I don't know why so dont ask.

So here I am! Doing amazing tattoos on Mississipi's Gulf Coast, serving Biloxi, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs, trying to get some big and impressive pieces on my new friends down here. So thanks again for visiting my website, and if you need any help of have any questions, just give me a shout!