What This Special Is

This is a way for me to get tattoos I find interesting or compelling done.

This is me asking for anybody with an open mind and an unhealthy addiction totattoos to let me use you to fulfill my unhealthy addiction totattooing and in the process help me build a new portfolio, filled with unbelievable art over the next year.

P.S. My repeat customers get first go!!

Welcome to the

My Way or the Highway

Tattoo Special

What This Special Is NOT

This is NOT a giveaway, a sale, a contest, or a guarantee. This is NOT a free ticket to a tattoo you've wanted for years, a cover up, your boyfriends name, infinity symbols, or treeline armbands.

The special is called

My Way or the Highway

and I mean that more than you may like.

Take another look at the name of the special. 

I mean it literally.



This special is just a thing I want to do to get some really cool tattoos done. Plain and simple. I know a lot of people want tattoos but cant always afford to drop $500 - $1,000 on super awesome tattoos, so I'm doing this as a way to make us both happy.

The 3 main qualifying factors.

1. You have seen my portfolio and you understand the style of tattooing that I do.

2. You are comfortable with me taking complete artistic liberty with the tattoo.

3. You understand completely that this is just as much my tattoo as it is yours, and that you are volunteering as a canvas for me to tattoo.

That doesn't mean you don't get to pick your tattoo. You do!! Several actually.

 You pick from over 500 concepts on my pinterest board. Out of those concepts, I take control, and during the consultation we design something that we both agree is a unique, one of a kind piece of art. 

Basically how this goes is you have 2 responsibilities. 

  1. Pick a minimum of 2-3 concept images from my pinterest board you'd like to combine into 1 tattoo. 
  2. Pick where on your body you want your tattoo.

Thats it. 

How it is designed, overall size, placement, colors used - you have no say in this. Zero. I will not include your dogs name. You cannot add your cousins birth stone. I will not include your favorite scripture.

The images you choose may be used exactly how they are on my Pinterest, or they may be substituted for other images that I feel follow the same concept you originally chose. This free tattoo thing is for me. Not for you.

This sounds harsh, I know,

But, as I mentioned above, this is for me, you are simply the lucky person who gets a cool tattoo. 

That is why this is free.  You really have almost no say. What I can promise you is that your tattoo will be the best of its kind on the coast. You will be stopped every time you're out and about and somebody sees it. I'm serious. It happens to my clients all the time! If you know one ask them.


If you think this sounds like something you'd be interested in, click on the red pill and I'll show you how to begin prepping for this project. If you're a bit on the picky side, click on the blue pill and you'll be taken back to my home page to book a consultation with me so we can design something YOU want! I'd still love to tattoo you.

What You Get Input On   vs.   What I Get Input On