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Aftercare instructions can sound a bit complicated so before going into detail, let me break down the basics:

1. Moisturize your tattoo

Bam. There it is. 

There are a lot of little details that go into taking care of a tattoo, but if all else fails remember to keep your fresh ink moisturized. 

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Keep in mind your tattoo is a wound! It is important to keep your tattoo cleaned and moisturized or you run the risk of messing it up. If you have any questions, just give me a text, email, or hit me up on fb or twitter.

For two weeks:

  • Moisturize your tattoo 3 to 5 times a day with fragrance free lotion 
  • Wash your tattoo once a day with a fragrance free, anti bacterial soap
  • Do not go swimming or tanning for 2 weeks
  • Do not apply ANY products with fragrance to the tattooed area for 2 weeks
  • Do not pick at or scratch your tattoo

Basic Tattoo Healing Instructions

Advanced tattoo healing techniques

Extra stuff:

  • Instead of starting with a lotion, try moisturizing your tattoo with a non-medicated ointment for the first few days. Works well, and your skin will appreciate it.
  • Use your hand to massage your tattoo while washing it. Focus on removing any blood or plasma drying on the surface of your tattoo. STOP doing this once your tattoo has began peeling or scabbing
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